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Latest Updates

 May 2008 - co-discovery of the transiting exoplanets XO-4b and XO-5b - NEW -

 05 May 2008 - Co-detection of the UGSU-type nature of SDSS J163120.88+103134.0

 Apr 2008 - Pictures from the AAVSO-BAA meeting in England

 30 Jan 2008 - Detection of the UGSU-type nature of OT_J021110.2+171624  

 24 Jan 2008 - Detection of superhumps in OT_J084555.1+033930

 22 Oct 2007 - Detection of superhumps in SDSS J083845.2+491055.5

 Jun-Oct 2007 - Exoplanet transit observations of WASP-1b, WASP-2b, HAT-P-1b, HAT-P-3b, GJ176, TrES-3b and TrES-4b

 Sep 2007 - Analysis of CBA superoutburst observations  of NSV 1485

 20 Sep 2007 - Detection of superhumps in NSV 1485  

 September 2007 - Observations of the UGWZ-type dwarf nova V455 And   




Welcome to CBA Belgium Observatory

CBA Belgium Observatory is a privately owned astronomical observatory, located in Landen, Belgium, and operated by Tonny Vanmunster. My mission is to make high-accuracy photometric CCD studies, primarily of variable stars and exoplanets.

My observatory is the Belgian node of the Center for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA), a worldwide network of professional and amateur astronomers to study Cataclysmic Variables. Next to my CBA activities, I actively participate in cataclysmic variable star observing campaigns of other organisations (a/o AAVSO). 

I also contribute exoplanet observations to XO and, and occasionally cooperate with other amateur and professional astronomers in studies of Delta Scuti stars and RR Lyrae stars.

I'm the author of Peranso, a light curve and period analysis software package.

CBA Belgium Observatory features two CCD-equipped 0.35-m (14 inch) Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes on computerized mounts





 Powerful software for Variable Star & Asteroid Light Curve Analysis, offering a variety of period analysis methods





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