Detection of superhumps in SDSS J083845.23+491055.5
on Oct 22/23, 2007

Following the announcement of an outburst of SDSS J083845.23+491055.5 on CVnet, I started time-series CCD observations of this target on October 22/23, 2007 at CBA Belgium Observatory, using one of the observatory's 0.35-m f/6.3 telescopes. 

My observations covered a time span of 4.5 hours. They clearly show the presence of superhumps with an amplitude of about 0.15 mag, hence classifying SDSS J083845.23+491055.5 as a new UGSU-type dwarf nova.

Light curve of SDSS J083845.2+491055.5, obtained at CBA Belgium Observatory 
on 2007, Oct 22/23

Using Peranso, I find a superhump period of 0.0721 +/- 0.0019 d (ANOVA method). 

I encourage follow-up photometry, to further determine the characteristics of this system.





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