Our Favourite Links

Useful books/catalogues/... for CCD photometry and variable star - exoplanet  observing
Downes' Catalog and Atlas of CVs - the 'reference' catalogue on cataclysmic variables, now online.
Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing (R. Berry & J. Burnell) - the 'reference' handbook on CCD image processing
The Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS SkyServer)
Bruce L. Gary's free book Exoplanet Observing for Amateurs - a must read.

Useful sites on Cataclysmic Variables 
Center for Backyard Astrophysics, Columbia University, NY
CVnet, a website devoted solely to cataclysmic variables. Excellent and frequently updated.
The International Variable Star Index VSX
Recurrent Objects Programme - BAAVSS, UK
AAVSO variable star charts and sequences  
Useful sites on Exoplanets
Looking for transits of exoplanets ? Visit Transitsearch.org and you'll start observing.
The reference site for exoplanets : Oklo.org
Bruce L. Gary's excellent Amateur Exoplanet Archive AXA
Jean Schneider's exoplanet catalog
Astronomy sites that I strongly recommend

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG CCD camera's)
Information Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS) at Konkoly Observatory, Hungary
AAVSO - The American Association of Variable Star Observers
VVS (Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde) - The Belgian Astronomical Society
What's up in the sky tonight ? Heavens-above will tell !
Subscribe to Sky & Telescope's excellent AstroAlert news service
Keep an eye out for auroras and read all about the Sun-Earth environment at Spaceweather.com

"Must-visits" and other interesting resources

One of the top visual dwarf novae observers in the world : Gary Poyner, BAAVSS, UK
Bellatrix Astronomical Observatory of Gianluca Masi (CBA Italy)
Beersel Hills Observatory of my very good friend Paul Van Cauteren (Belgium)
Atom Time - sync your computer clock with an atom clock
Join a worldwide list of comet and asteroid researchers.
The ultimate resort for supernova observers : the International Supernovae Network

Useful software tools for the CCD photometrist
AIP4WIN - Astronomical Image Processing for Windows (R. Berry & J. Burnell). Our favourite 'aperture photometry' package.
AIP4Plot from CBA member Lew Cook A must have Excel workbook to automate your AIP4WIN data reduction results.
MaxIm/DL & MaxIm/CCD from Cyanogen Productions, Inc. Our favourite CCD control software. 
TheSky Astronomy Software from Software Bisque. The ultimate planetarium and telescope control combination.
ASCOM - The Astronomers Common Object Model. A great standardization initiative for programming wizards seeking automation.
PERANSO - the most powerful Period and Light Curve Analysis software.





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