AAVSO - BAA Joint Meeting Apr 10-13, 2008 in Cambridge, UK

The AAVSO and the BAA organised a joint conference in Cambridge, England on the beautiful grounds of New Hall, University of Cambridge from April 10th to April 13th, 2008. Together with Belgian CBA members Bart Staels (CBA Flanders) and Pierre de Ponthiere (CBA Lesve), I attended two full days of interesting lectures. It was an outstanding meeting, with some very good contributions from both professional and amateur astronomers. In addition, the meeting provided an excellent opportunity to meet and chat with fellow amateur astronomers from the UK, US, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, etc.

Below are some pictures giving a snapshot of the meeting ...

Apr 10, 2008 : we leave Belgium in the afternoon and use the boat + car to cross the Channel

Late evening, we arrive in England and drive to Cambridge

The meeting venue at New Hall, University of Cambridge

Roger Pickard, BAA President, received the "Honorary AAVSO Membership" award Arne Henden, AAVSO Director, during the official opening of the AAVSO-BAA Meeting Dr. Paula Szkody, Washington University

Mike Simonsen David Boyd Patrick Wils

BAA members - at left : Jeremy Shears l-to-r : J. Toone, E. Broens, A. Oksanen Left : Frans Van Loo - right : J. Van der Looy

Table l-to-r : Dr. B. Gaensicke, D. Boyd, J. Shaers, B. Staels and I. Miller. Standing at left : G. Poyner  l-to-r : B. Staels, P. de Ponthiere, B. Gaensicke

Dr. Boris Gaensicke, University of Warwick l-to-r : A. Henden, R. Miles, T. Vanmunster A. Oksanen received the 2nd AAVSO "GRB Afterglow" award
Gary Poyner received the Charles Butterworth award, for his outstanding contribution to variable star observing.

CBA members at the meeting. L-to-r are D. Boyd (CBA England), B. Staels (CBA Flanders), A. Oksanen (CBA Finland), P. de Ponthiere (CBA Lesve), T. Vanmunster (CBA Belgium)

Sunday moring Apr 13, 2008 : back home





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